Apsys Shopping Center Posnania Poland (2016)

Details: For this project, our mission was to accompany the artistic gesture to highlight the architecture and its spaces. We also create on the site the permanent cultural link with its visitors. Our curation was based on a "simple, elegant and coherent" line of escape. Simple, because it must not take the light at the sign. Elegant because it must stay in harmony with the architectural choices and the tones given in the center. And finally consistent, because our choices must be part of the logic of spaces to accommodate (child, high-retail, foodcourt, well-being and services ...), and in accordance with the identity that we want to give. . A Mega mall is an imposing universe, it is therefore a question of reintroducing the human dimension which is often lacking, where the nature, in particular can resume its role and create a BALANCE. It is around this notion of equilibrium that we take part in choosing Nature as inspiration.