Apsys Shopping Center Steel France (September of 2020)

“La magie de Lucie”

Dimensions: 10m Higher x 7m x 4,2m; Weight: about 5,5 tonnes
Material: Steel

«Like a child growing up and becoming aware of the universe in which it evolves, this sculpture through this little girl representing the artist’s daughter, Lucie, carefully holding a pine cone lighting and warming her hands, symbolizes both awakening and communication. “For if in the local tradition the “babet” was the pine cone that was used to light the fire in the most modest homes in winter, more widely and in the collective imagination this fruit has always been the link between material and spiritual. This light so precious and so fragile that it protects from these hands represent both the magic that connects us to the invisible and the key to a bright future. »
David Mesguich
ArtBliss Paris Curator
Inauguration of the Steel regional shopping center in Saint-Etienne on September 16, 2020.
Maurice Bansay (right) Founder and Chairman of Apsys Groupe
David Mesguich (left) artist